Real Estate and Construction

Our firm provides legal services on various matters arising from real estate sale and purchase, lease and other deals related in particular to land, buildings, trading, commercial and residential property as well as constrcution, reconstruction or real estate financing projects.

We offer full legal support of real estate deals for the landlords, tenants, traders, brokers, sellers, buyers and investors.

Using the complex approach our lawyers provide qualified legal advice on the real estate projects finance structuring as well as possible mortatge schemes application thereto.

The main services within this practice:

- structure and advise on various real estate deals, construction and reconstruction projects;

- legal analysis of documents related to land plots, other real estate property, construction and reconstruction projects;

- due diligence and pre-sale legal clearance of the real estate, construction or reconstruction objects;

- structure and advise on the sale and purchase agreements, lease agreements etc.;

- structure and avise on financing of real estate sale purchase, lease, mortgage projects;

- legal analysis and advise on various real estate, constrcution and reconstruction projects financing and mortgage schemes;

- legal analysis and advise on investments and loans in real estate;

- represent clients in courts and other state authorities regarding real estate matters.